Wholesale VoIP Termination

The Industry Standard in Wholesale Termination


Unreliable Call Termination is a Thing of the Past

Don’t let VOIP downtime affect your bottom line

At All Access Telecom, we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient call termination so our clients experience the lowest downtime in the industry. We understand that time is money and that slow or unreliable lines can affect the profitability of your business. All Access is passionate about delivering fast and dependable telecom services. Our proactive service team will assist you throughout the process to ensure your business goes uninterrupted; it’s really that simple.

Don’t Pay More Than What You Have to

All Access Telecom provides the most aggressive pricing in the Wholesale VOIP termination industry

You shouldn’t be expected to pay for overpriced lines due to a steep industry markup. That extra money your company is getting charged goes right into the provider’s pockets. At All Access Telecom, we offer the best deals on the market because we believe in transparent pricing that can quickly impact your bottom line. How can we do this? Our secret is using our proprietary routing algorithms to optimize traffic patterns and deliver the most aggressive origination and terminations rates you’ll find.

Stop Wasting Money on Overpriced Lines

The Best-In-Class VoIP Termination for Your Business

Reliable Telecom Termination Technology

Whether you’re a CLEC, a VoIP provider or telecom service provider – we’ve got you covered in wholesale.

We have strategically placed our SBCs around major hubs in Dallas, Atlanta, NYC, and New Jersey to provide high-quality communication solutions with lower latency for our customers. All Access Telecom offers wholesale VoIP termination services domestically, to all 50 states, and extended NPANXX termination. We specialize in one service, which means we aren’t overloaded by offering you several second-rate solutions. At All Access Telecom, we believe in providing our customers with answers for easy scalability to quickly expand their telephone systems without the added expense and lead times of installing in-house equipment.


  • Private and Public IP Connection available
  • Domestic US 50 states + extended NPANXX termination
  • NPANXX, LATA OCN & Flat Rate pricing structures
  • Voice APIs
  • Local, Long Distance, and On-Net Termination
  • Detailed call records
  • Tier-1 Interconnects
  • SIP Debugging

SBCs Across the USA for the Lowest Downtime

That’s why All Access Telecom provides the best pricing in the industry

Hear From Our Customer

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